Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Countdown to Launch - Update

We have 2 weeks to go. This afternoon I accompanied Associate Professor Allan Chawner to the Maritime Centre to measure up the walls for the Panoramas.

Due to the difficulties of photographing the 1849 Rae Panorama in today's setting, we have decided to avoid that one, and stick with the six others.

The wall of the Maritime Centre are in 3 sections; 6m, 10m and 5m long respectively.
Allan has factored that they will need to be around 60 cm high to fit. We have six panoramas to fill the spaces.

Browne (1812)
Campbell (1820) with Chawner retro-photo-pan-graphic image (2008)
Rae (1849)
Rae (1883) with Chawner retro-photo-pan-graphic (2008)

We are aiming to have them as large as we can fit, the walls also protrude, so the boards will need to be flexible. Allan is now proceeding to the printers to get quotes, they will also install them as well. He will also seek their advice on what boards will be suitable for the job. We need to also be aware that they need to be very secure, as there has been some theft in the area.

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