Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Countdown to Launch - Update 2

The public wall of the Maritime Centre is in 3 sections:

A. 6m long section

Panel 1.
Browne 1812 60 x 202cm
Caption: Browne, T.R. (1776 - 1824). Newcastle, in New South Wales, with a distant view of Point Stephen,1812 and View of Hunters River, near Newcastle, New South Wales, 1812. Copper Engraving. Photographer: Bruce Turnbull. Courtesy Newcastle Region Art Gallery.

Panel 2.
Newcastle 1818 60 x 152cm
Caption: Campbell, Sophia, 1777-1833. Sophia Campbell Sketchbook [1818?] Courtesy National Library of Australia.

B. 10m long section

Panel 3.
Sophia Campbell 1821 (60 x 615cm)
Allan Chawner retro-photo-pan-graphic (2008) Sophia (60 x 615cm)
Caption: Panorama of Newcastle 1821. Panorama of Newcastle : watercolour drawings by Edward Close - Sophia Campbell. Courtesy State Library of New South Wales.

Panel 4.
Rae Newcomon 1849 (60 x 436cm)
Caption: Rae, John, 1813-1900. Newcastle in 1849. Courtesy State Library of New South Wales.

C. 5m long section

Panel 5.
Rae Photo 1878 (60 x 326cm)
Chawner retro-photo-pan-graphic (2008) Rae (60 x 326cm)

Caption: Rae, John, 1813-1900. [Panoramic photograph of Newcastle, 1878-1882, taken from Barker Street, possibly from The Obelisk] -- 4 albumen photoprints
from Sketches in New South Wales in the olden time 1842 - 1859 by John Rae, M.A. / album of watercolour panoramas and photographs of watercolour sketches. Courtesy State Library of New South Wales.

Panel 6.

"Newcastle on the Edge" : Panoramic Visions of Newcastle on the Coquun - Hunter River
was kindly sponsored by the University of Newcastle’s School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Thanks to:

Associate Professor Allan Chawner
Cultural Collections of the University of Newcastle Library
Inter Library Loans Team of the University of Newcastle Library
History Week 2008 Committee: Ann Hardy, Evelyn King, Gionni Di Gravio, Dr Victoria Haskins.
History Council of New South Wales
The National Library of Australia
The Newcastle Maritime Centre
The Newcastle Region Art Gallery
The State Library of New South Wales
The University of Newcastle Coal River Working Party

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