Monday, June 9, 2008

Newcastle on the Edge

On the 29 May 2008 Evelyn King (Maritime Centre) Ann Hardy (National Trust and CRWP) and Gionni Di Gravio (University Archivist and Coal River Working Party Chair) met to discuss our joint proposal for History Week 2008 whose theme is 'At the Water's Edge'.

Associate Professor Germov, Head, School of Humanities & Social Science will be funding the Exhibition as part of History Week on behalf of the School of Humanities and Social Science.

We have proposed a joint collaborative proposal involving the Maritime Centre and the University of Newcastle to prepare an open air exhibition of 5 panoramas of Newcastle from the 1800s to the present. The exhibition will run from the 6-14 September 2008. The working title is: "Newcastle on the Edge": Panoramic Visions of Newcastle on the Coquun - Hunter River.

The panoramas of Early Newcastle we have in mind for the event are by:

(1) T.R. Browne (1812) here and here
(2) Sophia Campbell (1821)
(3) John Rae (1849)
(4) John Rae (1883)
(5) Allan Chawner (2008) TBC.

Action 1. I have today had ordered high resolution copies of the two Rae panoramas through the State Library. We have hi res copies of the Browne (Newcastle Regional Art Gallery) and Sophia Campbell (1821) (State Library of NSW)

Action 2. Associate Professor Allan Chawner will arrange the printing of all panoramas and will prepare a set of current panoramas from the same view points and arrange for their printing for the exhibition. Quotes for the cost will be forwarded to both Dr Victoria Haskins and Associate Professor Germov for clearance. The panoramas will be printed on long boards that will be mounted to the outside of the Maritime Centre as a series of changing panoramas of the city at the water's edge, fitting in with this year's theme.

Mr Michael Meany in visual arts has prepared a couple of 360 wrap around panoramic virtual views of the 1812 (Browne) and 1821 (Campbell) works for our online University's Coal River Working Party site.

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